Research-Based? Evidenced-Based? Who Cares?

It’s all about striking the right balance. A lot of food for thought!


Oh I know. Plenty of people care. I don’t.

Surprise, surprise. I am out of sync again.

Unknown-5In education there is an unhealthy and imbalanced emphasis on only doing research-based and evidence-based strategies in schools. We have some completely unreasonable belief that if we standardize enough, if we only apply research-based interventions, kids will learn more, better, faster. If we quit wasting time piddling around with any old teaching strategies and only do what the research says is effective, then we will surely do better in all the areas we so desperately want to do better in.
In an images-10ideal world, when baking a delicate cake, that is the most effective me do it. Follow the research. Use a specific recipe. Maybe my oven is wonky or does not maintain the correct temperature on certain days. I know this about my oven, I have some guesses as to why it…

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