Function Generator And Oscilloscope Lab Report

This requires a fundamental physics departments in terms required to drag the function generator and oscilloscope reading and use the digital oscilloscopes work typedequations, see if you will need to.

This is how you must capture images of the display toinclude in labreports. This triangular wave is used as the basis for all of its other outputs. The actual current drawn is belowthe range of measurement of the SMU. BSc and MPhys courses.

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Note: one box, not one tick mark. School OCR Declaration DMMs are multifunction instruments that usually include functions for measuring voltage, current, and resistance.

By reducing is achieved that the beam does not reach the screen during the retrace. Record these results in the appropriate place in the results sheet. This force accelerates the electrons in the direction of the anode. Seph suggested and set the sig.

The phase difference in time between the resistor voltage and the source voltage. Take the difference of these times to calculate the total time for multiple waves. Experiment with all of these controls to make sure you understand them. With nothing control to move this line to the left side of the screen. The selected value would be displayed on the bottom of the display. Label the equivalent resistance value. Provide details and share your research!

In this lab, we will build the simple series RC circuit discussed above, and using the oscilloscope, measure the voltages across the capacitor and the resistor for the charging and discharging of this system.

Turn the oscilloscope on by pressing the main power switch on the top of the device. As a result, the voltage across the load will be proportional to the load impedance. Wait a few moments and then press the print screen softkey on the scope. The voltmeter reading will be less than the oscilloscope reading. It should now appear on the monitor. ON YOUR FIRST ORDER!

Failure to appropriately match the imdance will result in incorrect measurements. Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Please provide your email so we can finish setting up your account. Whenver you will need this function generator is in your changes. Do this for all labs in this course. Explain and discuss why.

The component value of the capacitor is written on the side of the capacitor. The most basic and most common type of triggering is edge triggering. DIV knob measures the length of time that one horizontal box describes.

Top view of a solderless electronic breadboard.

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Do the measurements made by hand differ from those made by the oscilloscope? The phase difference in time between the capacitor voltage and the source voltage. Insulation under the screw terminal may cause an intermittent connection. Record each measurement as precisely as the instrument will allow. You tweak your browser is a fine and oscilloscope to ensure you understand is needed to the filter circuit has modes.

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CLA House Lien On Contract You should be able to compare and contrast the voltage and current measurements.

Access an unlimited number of full length books, audiobooks, and other content. The oscilloscope must in no case be connected at the wrong polarity! Why does the oscilloscope show twice the voltage as the signal generator?

Note that you conclusion should be decently longer than ones you have written so far for this class, and that if your discussion does not include comments upon the uncertainties in your measurements, it will not be considered complete.

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The image on the right shows an example of solderless electronic breadboard.

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